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Protecting Vision at Work: Embrace Eye Safety During Workplace Eye Wellness Month

Workplace Eye Wellness Month

As we observe Workplace Eye Wellness Month, Horner Family Eyecare is keenly focused on elevating awareness around the critical issue of protecting eyesight in the workplace. Given the alarming statistics surrounding eye injuries on the job, it's clear that workplace eye safety is an area requiring immediate attention.

The Startling Statistics on Workplace Eye Injuries

The American Optometric Association echoes a concerning trend: approximately 2,000 U.S. workers sustain job-related eye injuries each day that demand medical intervention. Yet, it's believed that with the right protective measures, the majority of these injuries—up to 90%—could be significantly reduced or even avoided altogether.

Common Causes and Preventative Strategies

Workplace eye injuries can stem from a variety of sources, including chemical exposure, foreign objects, or harmful radiation. The American Optometric Association emphasizes that many of these injuries occur because workers are either not wearing any eye protection or are using inadequate protection for the specific hazards of their tasks. This underlines the crucial need for appropriate and properly fitted eye protection tailored to the unique risks present in different work environments.

Highlighting Eye Hazards and Protective Measures

The American Optometric Association identifies several potential eye hazards in the workplace, ranging from projectiles and chemicals to radiation and infectious materials. Given these risks, the Association stresses the importance of understanding the necessary eye protection for each scenario, whether it be safety glasses with side shields, goggles, or full-face respirators.

Combating Digital Eye Strain

With the average American worker spending seven hours a day on digital devices, the American Optometric Association highlights the growing concern of digital eye strain. To combat this, they recommend the 20-20-20 rule: take a 20-second break to look at something 20 feet away every 20 minutes, a simple yet effective method to reduce eye strain and fatigue.

A Collaborative Effort Towards Eye Safety

The role of employers in ensuring a safe work environment cannot be overstated. The American Optometric Association advises on the necessity of conducting hazard assessments, minimizing risks, and providing the appropriate eye protection. Workers, in turn, must commit to wearing this protection consistently and keeping it in good condition.

In summary, Workplace Eye Wellness Month serves as a crucial reminder of the importance of eye safety in our professional lives. By leveraging the guidance of the American Optometric Association, both employers and employees can take meaningful steps towards preventing eye injuries and promoting a culture of safety and wellness in the workplace.

Kindly note: This blog is for your reading pleasure and is not a substitute for real-deal medical advice. Always consult a professional for eye health concerns.


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